Holistic doctor continues to be threatened over her alternative treatments – here’s her message to government and Big Pharma

The mainstream medical establishment, controlled by big government which is summarily influenced by Big Pharma, continues its war on alternative and holistic medicinal choice, as if Americans were never really supposed to have been granted by our founders the freedom to choose their own forms of treatment.

One holistic provider, Amanda Mary Jewell—an independent English cancer researcher—has a message for the mainstream medical community: Leave us alone.

As reported by Organic and Healthy, Jewell noted that “there is no free speech anymore” and that she is again being threatened, even as other holistic doctors have been “murdered.”

Residing currently in Mexico and treating patients there—she won’t go back to her home country over fears she would be arrested, tried and imprisoned for selling alternative health treatments on her website—Jewell believes that apple and apricot seeds containing B-17 have great nutritional value in restoring health.

For some time now, apricot seeds have been utilized by some holistic practitioners to battle some cancers. But those who do use them believe they have to be discreet and keep their treatments secretive out of fear of being prosecuted.

Why are so many holistic doctors being killed?

At issue is the fact that the seeds contain very strong toxins and, if used improperly, can be very harmful. However, if used and managed appropriately, they can achieve their desired effect, which ought to at least interest cancer sufferers.

The substance that battles cancer cells within the seeds is called amygdalin, or vitamin B-17. Some experts say that the body can react negatively to it, creating a form of cyanide, which is why its use in questioned.

That said, Jewell and her husband, Doug, created a compound known as Miracle Mineral Solution, a compound that British law enforcement officials said contains some industrial bleach, the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

But some have said that MMS has been incredibly useful to them.

Nevertheless, though targeted by government health regulators for years, the chlorine dioxide compound is said to be toxic in high doses, but also carries with it the potential to kill cancer cells, fungi and viruses. And despite being its creator, Jewell says she prefers to use other methods, though the compound is still part of her treatment protocol.

For her part, Jewell has lashed out at the medical mainstream, pointing out (correctly) that Big Pharma is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths per year.

“I would like to draw your attention to those actually doing harm. You work for the harmaceuticals — …pharmaceuticals do harm hence it’s not a typo, I really do mean harmaceuticals — that kill people daily,” she says in this video. “Your organization stops anyone from getting well.”

In addition, she drew attention to the mysterious deaths of other holistic doctors, while imploring viewers to share the video to “stop these murders.”

Effective, natural treatment explained

She notes that if, as a healer, she and others cannot even discuss the potential health value of “an apricot kernel” or “an apple seed,” then no one can then say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”—a traditional reference to a better diet being a means of staying healthier.

Because of her repression over an alternative form of health care, “there is no freedom of speech anymore,” she said, adding that the number of holistic doctors who have been murdered is now “too many to count” (as we have reported).

She said that she, too, is being threatened “yet again,” though she’s continuing her work for at least as long as she can.

Jewell is a promoter of a little-known GcMAF treatment, which she says on her website is a natural treatment that does not produce side effects (unlike chemotherapy, which kills scores every year).

The body can make essential GcMAF protein to naturally destroy cancer cells, and does so on a daily basis. Her treatment is outlined here.







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