Revolutionary tooth decay treatment reverses tooth damage painlessly

Going to the dentist has never been an exciting experience. If you have kids, this could involve a lot of begging, crying, bribery and pleading. But with this breakthrough development in dental health, treatment of tooth decay may no longer feel like a highway to hell.

This tooth-rebuilding technique is called Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralization (EAER). Traditionally, tooth decay is removed by drilling, which is quite an experience for some – uncomfortable, painful and traumatic even. Then, amalgam or composite resin is introduced into the cavity.

The problem with this process is it’s simply a Band-Aid solution. It doesn’t really treat our teeth and therefore, we go into a process of repair and replace. It means only one thing, a constant visit to the dentist’s clinic.

With this new technology, there’s no need for fillings. Instead, the damaged area of the enamel is prepared and then, minerals such as calcium and phosphate are introduced into the area with the help of a tiny electric current and it is, if you are to believe the developer which is King’s College London, a totally painless process.

Along with treatment of tooth decay, the device can also be used to whiten teeth. However, you may have to wait three more years before that use becomes available.


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