Dr. Amy Myers discusses heavy metals, autoimmune disease and healing at this year’s FREE Holistic Oral Health Summit

Austin-based doctor Amy Myers’ health journey began while still a medical student when she learned that she had an autoimmune disease known as Graves’ disease. It wasn’t until years later when she attended an Integrative Medicine conference in New York that she learned about functional medicine, a type of medical practice that usually involves holistic medicine with a specific focus on the optimal functioning of the body. Through her practice and extensive training, she has successfully reversed Graves’ disease in some of her patients.

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Dr. Myers received her Doctorate in Medicine at LSU and in 2012 she completed all certification at the Institute of Functional Medicine. She was an emergency physician at the University Medical Center Brackenridge and at Dell’s Children Hospital in Austin, TX, for two years. Dr. Myers also served in the Peace Corps prior to completing medical school.

At the 2015 Holistic Oral Health Summit, Dr. Amy Myers will be giving a fascinating talk where you will hear:

  • Warnings about how heavy metals can lead to autoimmune diseases
  • “The Myers Way” and the “4 Pillars” to healing autoimmune disease
  • Detoxification warnings and how others have reversed autoimmune disorders

Dr. Myers has been featured in Health magazine, Everyday Health, The Huffington Post, The Dr. Oz Show, W, Women’s Health, Yahoo! Health and The New York Times.

Be sure to tune into the Holistic Oral Health Summit to learn about other intriguing subjects related to oral health. The summit will cover topics such as dead teeth, gum disease, wisdom teeth, root canals, dental implants, toxins and mercury poisoning, and many, many other important health issues. The Holistic Oral Health Summit is the largest event covering holistic dentistry and will provide must-know information regarding your oral health.

If you didn’t know that oral health is closely tied to your overall physical health, then this is a summit you cannot miss. The wealth of information and knowledge at this year’s summit will help you and anyone you know suffering from any oral health issues.

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