09/10/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

A recent study brings good news to people who have a sweet tooth and those who neglect to properly brush

08/16/2017 / By Tracey Watson

If asked to think of an image of something clean and pure in nature, many people would picture a waterfall

07/13/2017 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Drinking sparkling water may be bad for your teeth due to its high acid content, experts have said. Dr. Edmond Hewlett

03/11/2017 / By Thomas Dishaw

As the cost of dental care continues to increase, people are turning to Do-It-Yourself alternatives for common problems. A quick

03/09/2017 / By Thomas Dishaw

A California dentists’ experiment provided some shocking evidence of the effect of soft drinks and energy drinks on oral health.

12/01/2016 / By holisticdentistry

November 30, 2016 — Over the past several weeks, two potential patients called my office with basically the same question:

11/30/2016 / By holisticdentistry
Holistic Dentistry

A dodgy ticker or gammy knee might just warrant a visit to the dentist. Article by Megan Johnston When it

11/15/2016 / By holisticdentistry

Yellow teeth are a major turn off; it’s something everyone wants to avoid. Various reasons cause yellow teeth, which can

10/31/2016 / By holisticdentistry

There are a number of ways to describe holistic dentistry. Some call it biologic dentistry or alternative dentistry. It may

08/04/2016 / By holisticdentistry

After enormous public pressure from scientists, dentists, health professionals, and consumers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) promised to

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