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10/05/2015 / By Vicki Batts

We all hate going to the dentist, and perhaps it’s time to stop going to your traditional office. Though they’d

10/02/2015 / By Kevin Sanders

Leo Cashman is the executive director of Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions (DAMS), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1990 and

10/02/2015 / By Carol Young

Dr. Lane Freeman is based out of Marble Falls, Texas, and she actually practices in the same dental office that

10/01/2015 / By Carol Young

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (she also goes by the nickname “Dr. V”) has an entire life’s work devoted to helping women

09/30/2015 / By Chris Draper

Dr. Phil Mollica has 25 years worth of cultivated wisdom in private practice. He graduated from the University of Medicine

09/30/2015 / By Julie Wilson

Iconic radio show host Robert Scott Bell is set to give an amazing presentation on the best natural remedies for

09/28/2015 / By Greg White

Americans have been raised from the cradle to trust conventional dentistry. They’ve blindly accepted that fluoride is essential to healthy

09/28/2015 / By Carol Young

Austin-based doctor Amy Myers’ health journey began while still a medical student when she learned that she had an autoimmune

09/28/2015 / By Greg White

Dr. Dawn Ewing is a naturopathic practitioner based in Houston, Texas. She serves as the Executive Director of the International

09/25/2015 / By Chris Draper

Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH, CTT, CBP, is a licensed dental hygienist and a certified thermography technician. She specializes in the oral–systemic

09/25/2015 / By Chris Draper

Dr. Boyd Haley received a B.S. in Chemistry/Physics from Franklin College in 1963. He served as a medic in the

09/24/2015 / By Kevin Sanders

Dr. Thomas Lokensgard earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1980 from the University of Minnesota. He is passionate

09/23/2015 / By Kevin Sanders

Dr. Thomas Baldwin has been a leading biological dentists for over 30 years. He holds degrees in Dentistry, Psychology and

09/23/2015 / By Kevin Sanders

Dr. Leonard T. Fazio graduated from New York University College of Dentistry, New York, New York in 1988. Shortly after

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