What is a Biological Dentist?

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What is a biological dentist? First of all there is no recognized specialty of biological dentistry although it is a term often put forward in a variety of media. Many dentists who are concerned with the overall impact of the materials they were working with began to discuss the topic. They were looking at the biological responses to their materials and started calling themselves biological dentists. They are a collection of general dentists and specialists who have taken a personal interest in the connection between dentistry and the body. There are no biological dental schools, recognized programs or degrees in this field but there is a great deal of research and interest.
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Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd founded our Calgary dental office with the philosophy that we all deserve to live well. Our commitment to our patients is to first do no harm. We are concerned not only with the aesthetic appeal of your smile and the treatment of specific dental problems. What we aim to do is to help our patients live well by empowering them with the information that will lead them to their best oral health. We act in ways that promote general health. Whatever work is done on teeth and gums has an effect on the rest of the body. Knowing this, our office uses strict protocols, Clifford Materials Reactivity testing, and specific materials.
There are several terms that are commonly used by dentists to describe their practice, such as:

  • “Mercury-free”, a term with a variety of implications, describes the dental practice that avoids the use of mercury fillings.
  • “Mercury-safe” is a description typically used by practices that incorporate specific safety measures during the removal of existing mercury amalgam fillings. These safety measures are designed to decrease, the exposure to mercury, as much as possible during the removal process. Amalgam fillings are replaced with non-mercury material following their safe removal.
  • “Biological”, or “Biocompatible” are two terms which typically describe dental practices that give consideration to the impact dental materials will have on oral and systemic health.
Whether you are receiving preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dental care, we understand the powerful effect dental work has on the body. Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd offer a high standard of care. Contact us for your visit today.
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