What is Holistic/Biodentistry?

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Holistic (sometimes called biological) dentistry is concerned with treating the whole of a person’s health in the context of how this could be affecting a dental issue. Combining traditional knowledge of natural healing with modern science, the primary aim of holistic dentistry is to resolve problems with the body working in harmony.
Article by Amanda DuffyThe main philosophies behind holistic dental care focus on proper nutrition; the avoidance, and where appropriate, removal of toxins (for example mercury in amalgam fillings); prevention and treatment of gum disease and prevention and treatment of dental malocclusion (improper bite).

What are the main differences between traditional and holistic dentistry?

The true differences between traditional and holistic dental care can be looked at as traditional dentistry being the practice of treating symptoms in the teeth and gums, and attempting to prevent the symptoms from recurring. Holistic dentistry is the practice of treating the underlying problems that cause the symptoms and attempting to eliminate them but without causing problems to your overall health.

However, it isn’t always that clearcut, and in fact, there are many traditional dentists who veer toward holistic dentistry, and vice-versa, and these days traditional dentistry is much more focused on preventing disease rather than treating symptoms.

Most people are aware of the controversy surrounding mercury as a tooth filling material, and this is certainly one of the differences between holistic and traditional dentistry. Holistic dentists will never use amalgam fillings.

Other areas where the two differ include:

Root canal therapy.
Traditional dentists say it has been done for centuries and is a proven safe and effective procedure. Holistic dentists argue that the chemicals used in sterilizing the tooth canal are toxic.

Some holistic dentists say that topical fluoride (eg. In toothpaste) is alright, but ingested fluoride (eg. In tap water) is forced medication on the public.

Biocompatibility of Dental Materials.
Holistic dentists believe what goes into your mouth can affect your entire body and have on-site equipment to test that the materials they use in, for example, your filling, are compatible to your body. They use a variety of different materials. This choice is not usually given by traditional dentists, although you will find that it is becoming more common.

How do I choose a holistic dentist?

In much the same way as you would a traditional dentist – ask questions. Never be afraid to ask – it’s your right to find out. After all, it’s your body. Our Customer Care team are always here to help so just get in touch.

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