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Are you worried about your mercury amalgam fillings?

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The award winning Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow Scotland is one of a handful of advanced dental centres of excellence in the world built to safely and effectively remove mercury amalgam fillings from patients who have health concerns.  Whilst the dental profession has deemed mercury amalgam fillings to be safe we believe that patients have the right to have them removed safely and without worry. We believe that dentistry should be delivered with a holistic viewpoint.  Holistic is Greek and means relating to the “whole”.  We believe that the mouth is not disconnected from the rest of the body and as such anything we do in the mouth has the potential to affect the rest of the body.

Are you concerned about your mercury fillings?

Do you feel that they may be damaging your energy levels? Your general health?

Your ability to think?

Many of our patient’s report feeling fatigued, tired and foggy.  We take referrals from numerous fellow health care professionals who ask us to use our safe amalgam removal procedures for their patients.  If you are concerned or feel that you may be suffering the potential side effects of mercury amalgam fillings, then please get in touch today.  Our caring team can talk you through what we do and why we are different.

What is mercury amalgam?

Mercury amalgam is a material used for amalgam fillings.  Moreover, it is is a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture used for dental fillings that have typically been caused by tooth decay.  Typical modern mercury amalgam fillings are made of mercury (50%), silver (~22–32% ), tin (~14%), copper (~8%) and other trace metals.

Mercury amalgam fillings were first documented in the year 659 and first appeared in Europe in 1528.  They grew in popularity in the  1800s due to their low cost and durability.

In more recent times however there has been concern over their appearance, pollution to the water systems and also health.

Am I sensitive to mercury amalgam fillings?

If you are concerned regarding your mercury amalgam fillings, then you can take this test to see if you “may” be sensitive.  We must advise that this test has previously been used as part of an FDA study into mercury sensitivities.  It is NOT a diagnosis and does not replace a proper consultation.

This Mercury Sensitivity Self-Test was part of a US FDA approved study to assess how body burden of mercury is determined, toxicity levels, etc.

It serves as an alert to clinicians when patients have scores of “Yes” in 5 or more of the 30 questions. It is recommended that such patients be referred to dentists with special knowledge of safe mercury silver amalgam removal and replacement.

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