Your Dentist Can Kill You

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The work done today in most conventional dental clinics is killing people in slow motion. Over 75% of all cancers are related to dental work. Countless other maladies infections and health related problems start in the mouth and yet it is really difficult to find a conscious dentist.

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I assume it’s because of ignorance or inadequate education that the dental industry today plants seeds of death into almost everybody’s mouth. These seeds come in several different forms and intensity.

1.) Different metals in your mouth. 

The galvanic reaction between high grade metals like gold, platinum and palladium and low grade metals like mercury corrodes the mercury silver fillings in a very short time causing high pollution and toxicity in the body.

These reactions often lead to very dramatic reactions in the growth of cancer. Also do the galvanic currencies carried in the saline solution of your saliva cause massive irritation to all your brain and hormone glands.

Amalgams alone are really bad news as we can learn in many testimonials from patient recoveries after they have been cleaned up from these toxins but in conjunction with other metals they are the real killer.

2.) Cavitations 

When a tooth is pulled it usually happens because of an infection at the root, an abscess or because of decay. In any fact are the reasons bacteria & inflammation. In 99% of all cases is the surrounding bone affected and already deteriorated. Huge amounts of bacteria live in the surrounding tissue and when not cleaned out properly and disinfected with ozone will grow into a massive problem.

When the gum closes above the extraction site the milieu is warm, moist and filled with food for your bacteria to thrive. Then the bone closes on top and a cave filled with bacteria remains leeching toxic thio-ethers into the blood stream all the time. This constant trickle of toxic waste from these bacterias suppresses your immune system and poisons your body to a degree that cancer can thrive.

3.) Root Canal Fillings

The main reason to drill out a nerve and fill the tooth with a root canal filling is because it is inflamed, infected or has an abscess at the bottom the root. If then the nerve is killed you don’t feel the pain any more but keep the infection and abscess underneath. This leads to a massive explosion of bacteria in the dentin of the tooth. As you can see in the image to the left, your dentin which is between the enamel and root canal  looks like a coral reef. Miles of tubes offer the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that thrive in the warm and moist environment.

Root canal fillings are in the same way as cavitation a constant suppressor of your immune system and need to be checked. If the tooth that is filled is on the same meridian or an organ that is weakened or diseased you have no other option than to pull it as soon as you can.

4.) Disease travels along Meridians

If your appendix is diseased and no longer needed any more you would not just tie it off and leave it there to slowly decay. You would remove it. But when a tooth is dead we have the tendency to leave it there. We crown it and cover up even though we know it’s a dead organ underneath.

The problem is, as described in the chapters above, that bacteria and heavy metal toxins from each tooth travel along energetic meridians to the associated organs.

These organs then suffer under the toxic load of the dental problem in your mouth. This is not an immediate problem though it can be, but a slow motion irritation and toxic overload which then leads to cancer in the long run.

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