Holistic dentistry and the philosophy behind it

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At Hopedale Dental Care in Oakville, Ontario, Dr. Schisler and his talented team want every patient they treat to have a healthy smile they can enjoy. The clinic takes a conservative approach to dental care and uses the very latest in technology. They are also firm believers in holistic dentistry. What does this mean for patients?

(Article by Oakville Beaver)

1. They work closely with several local naturopaths to find and use natural solutions and remedies for pain control. The aim is to avoid prescription drugs whenever possible.

2. They are a mercury-free clinic, and they are experts in safe amalgam removal. Before any mercury is removed, a specific natural protocol is in place that is followed closely. The dentist uses compounds that have been approved and are routinely used by naturopaths.

If you have old fillings you would like removed and replaced, they’ve developed a safe procedure to do just that. It involves isolating the specific tooth with a rubber dam, which protects you from swallowing any of the debris being removed from your mouth. The old filling is dried out, carefully and gently removed, and then replaced with 100 per cent porcelain, a material the body doesn’t react adversely to and that is incredibly strong and sturdy.

3. They thoroughly test all of the materials they use. Each item is tested for bio-compatibility; if there’s the slightest chance some patients may have a reaction, the material in question is immediately eliminated.

4. Dr. Schisler is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. The IAOMT is a group of dentists who are committed to holistic dentistry. Members are experts in safely removing older fillings and preventing the patient’s exposure to mercury. They’re also trained in how to use metals safely inside the mouth.

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