5 pantry finds for healthy teeth

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 by

Dental care goes beyond more than just maintaining pretty white teeth. Studies show that good oral hygiene influences the health of the rest of your body, as well! If you enjoy natural, healthy living, you might wish to try holistic dentistry and dental care. There are lots of ways to incorporate natural ingredients in your dental care routine. Here are the top five ingredients that can help keep your teeth healthy. (Bonus: You probably already have them in your pantry!)

  1. Activated charcoal: Using activated charcoal is the most natural, least abrasive way to keep teeth sparkling white. Brushing with activated charcoal will pull stains and toxins from your teeth, minus the harsh chemicals usually found in toothpastes.
  2. Coconut oil: Using coconut oil in place of mouthwash is a great, natural way to kill harmful bacteria living in your mouth. Coconut oil is antimicrobial, and can help reduce cavities and tooth decay.
  3. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is essential to bone health, but most people forget teeth are made of the same stuff as your bones. It lowers risk of tooth decay and keeps teeth strong.
  4. Probiotics: More healthy bacteria means less bad bacteria. A probiotic can help eliminate bad breath and plaque.
  5. Xylitol: You want the kind made from birch bark, and not GMO corn. Birch bark xylitol is a natural, healthy alternative to sugar. Sprinkled on a toothbrush, it can fight bad breath, reduce plaque and kill all kinds of nasty germs in your mouth.

Why would you use toxic toothpastes and mouthwashes when there are great, natural alternatives available?




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