Whole body health starts in the mouth

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 by

Modern dentistry advocates the use of many toxic chemicals, most notably mercury and fluoride. Mercury is known for being extremely toxic to humans, and fluoride can damage your brain and bone tissue. Biological dentistry doesn’t just treat the mouth; biological dentists believe their practice is part of whole-body health. Many diseases begin in the mouth, but a healthy mouth is not the only indicator of health. In this vein, conventional dentistry implies that any procedure performed on the mouth should have little impact elsewhere.

One of the biggest concerns in holistic dentistry right now is the toxicity of fillings from conventional dentistry. It is extremely easy for these toxins to be absorbed into your blood stream – especially if a filling comes loose. Another concern is infections of the teeth, gums or jaw. These infections, such as gingivitis, often go untreated and eventually lead to secondary infections in other parts of the body. Biological dentists believe that, by treating oral health first, they can help prevent many infections and disease – and also the toxic metal poisoning associated with conventional dentistry.




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