Modern dentistry may be the source of your pain

Monday, October 05, 2015 by

We all hate going to the dentist, and perhaps it’s time to stop going to your traditional office. Though they’d never admit it, modern dentistry is quite possibly the cause of many degenerative diseases, birth defects and much more. To learn more about the oral health secrets that modern dentistry won’t tell you, sign up for the FREE Holistic Oral Health Summit now!

“Silver mercury amalgam fillings are the largest single source of mercury exposure in the worldwide population,” according to Dr. Lars Frieberg, MD, PhD, former head of toxicology for the World Health Organization.

While traditional medicine would have you believe that the fillings are harmless, it’s simply not medically true. Mercury is a known cause of birth defects, fatigue and many other problems, and our dental fillings supply our bodies with a steady stream of it.

How does mercury cause fatigue? Like many other toxins, it can stand in the way of your cells utilizing and absorbing oxygen properly or impede your body’s ability to make new blood cells. There are many causes of fatigue, but a simple blood test for hemoglobin can help narrow it down. Most people suffering with chronic fatigue have low hemoglobin levels, and many of those people have fillings in their teeth. Dental toxins are nuisances at best. While traditional dentistry may advocate the use of mercury and claim that it’s safe, it’s obvious that they are merely denying their part in the decline of human health.

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