Dr. Thomas Lokensgard teaches how to stay healthy in a chronically-inflamed world, FREE at the Holistic Oral Health Summit

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Dr. Thomas Lokensgard earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1980 from the University of Minnesota. He is passionate about holistic dentistry, integrative medicine and nutrition and how it relates to whole body systems. After extensive study and training with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), he became Board Certified in 2008. He followed that by entering the Anti-Aging Fellowship Program through the A4M and achieved Diplomate status (ABAAHP) designation.

He has been an active member in the International Academy of Orthodontics since 1995 and has over 350 credit hours in TMJ, Functional Orthodontics and Sleep Apnea techniques. He completed a 3 year Naturopathic Medical Doctorate (NMD) program in 2007.

Dr. Thomas’s extensive training and background has solidified his understanding of holistic and biological dentistry, naturopathic and integrative medicine, safe mercury removal, heavy metal and detoxification procedures, and anti-aging medicine and nutritional protocols.

Dr. Lokensgard will be presenting at this year’s free Holistic Oral Health Summit, and his topic, “How to Stay Healthy in a Chronically-inflamed World,” will cover the following points:

  • Main reasons why the body gets chronically inflamed
  • Testing procedures to determine inflammation and disease risk
  • Ways to avoid inflammation, disease and dramatically improve your health

The Holistic Oral Health Summit, starting September 28 and lasting through October 5, will feature dozens of the world’s leading experts on the important link between oral health and whole body health. Oral health is directly correlated with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. Sign up for FREE today and get access to the entire archive, where you can watch the presentations at your convenience.

In Dr. Lokensgard’s video, you will see him discussing how “most chronic disease conditions are being triggered by inflammation – which is caused by chronic stress, indoor and outdoor pollution, inflammatory foods and, of course, conventional dental procedures including mercury-based fillings and root canal procedures.”

He also notes that dentists “have an obligation and responsibility to tell our patients about the danger of dental infections. Because, back in 2001, the Harvard Medical School linked (cause and effect) gum disease to cardiovascular disease, low birth weight babies and some forms of cancer. So, this is serious stuff.” Regarding his advice on this issue, he continues: “First of all, we all need to take responsibility for our own health. What I tell my patients is that we are putting together a good team because a lot of your problems are coming from your dental infections.”

Learn more about these topics by signing up for the FREE summit today!




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