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Dr. Leonard T. Fazio graduated from New York University College of Dentistry, New York, New York in 1988. Shortly after graduating and working in the dental field, he began to experience myriad health problems, which physicians were unable to diagnose.

Eventually he discovered the cause: In addition to a mouthful of “silver” amalgam fillings (which are actually 50% MERCURY), and occupational exposure to mercury from drilling and filling with that material, he was being slowly, steadily poisoned by Mercury!

Dr. Fazio immediately stopped using mercury in his practice, which has allowed him to get truly healthy, and his patients have benefitted as well. He has been practicing mercury-free, mercury-safe and metal-free dentistry since 1993, and he is dedicated to the philosophy of holistic, integrated dentistry. “I was able to save my own life by eliminating my occupational exposure to mercury and by removing my own 12 amalgam fillings,” he explains. “Naturally, this has become my passion to help others with what I’ve learned about this issue.”

Dr. Fazio will be presenting at this year’s free Holistic Oral Health Summit. His topic, “Mercury Amalgam Silver Fillings: A Guide to Safe Removal,” will cover the following points:

  • The biggest difference between a mercury-free and mercury-safe dentist
  • Important questions to ask a dentist before removing mercury fillings
  • Safe, step-by-step guide to removing mercury fillings

The Holistic Oral Health Summit, starting September 28 and lasting through October 5, will feature 34 of the world’s leading experts on the important link between oral health and whole body health. Oral health is directly correlated with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. Sign up for FREE today and get access to the entire archive, where you can view the presentations at your convenience.

Dr. Fazio stresses that, “The number one question every patient should ask their dentist is: What is their position on the controversial subject of mercury and how much knowledge do they have about this controversy?”

And he advises to proceed with caution: “I always recommend that patient not rush to remove mercury-based fillings without first considering what they should do beforehand to prepare for the extraction process.”

Mercury-safe dentists, he adds, “have the specialized equipment, training and experience to minimize the patient exposure to mercury during the mercury removal process – which is extremely important…. A mercury-safe dentist should employ one or more methods to prevent the patient from inhaling mercury vapors and fine particulate matter.”

Dr. Fazio’s office is equipped with several air filtration and aerosol containment systems, ensuring that airborne materials are captured and removed from the entire office environment.

To see the complete video of Dr. Fazio at the Holistic Oral Health Summit, sign up for the FREE summit today!






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