Integrative dentist Dr. Mark McClure talks about treating the neuro-immune system at FREE Holistic Oral Health Summit

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This year’s upcoming FREE Holistic Oral Health Summit features presentations by 34 of the world’s leading experts on improving oral health. The free online summit begins September 28 and lasts through October 5, offering priceless words of advice from a variety of professionals with natural health backgrounds in holistic dentistry, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy and more. Click here to sign up today!

Through a series of online video presentations, professionals will discuss why oral health is one of today’s most overlooked health issues in conventional and integrative medicine.

Ignoring your oral health can lead to some pretty serious illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, systemic infections and many others. However, the information you’ll learn at the summit will protect you from falling victim to the consequences of bad oral health – which is often caused by conventional dentistry.

FREE Holistic Oral Health Summit: Avoiding the dangers of conventional dentistry

The presentations offered through the FREE Holistic Oral Health Summit will help you learn how to choose the best dentist, as well as how to avoid toxic chemicals commonly used in conventional dentistry. The summit will also provide information on the benefits of using natural remedies for oral health such as essential oils and how removing mercury-amalgams can cure ailments affecting whole body health.

Featured at this year’s Holistic Oral Health Summit is Washington DC-based integrative dentist Dr. Mark McClure DDS, F.A.G.D.

Dr. McClure specializes in biological, integrative and holistic family dentistry. His philosophy focuses on integrating medical and dental problems to help restore overall health and wellness.

“Chronic and degenerative disease can be caused by toxic filling on teeth, jawbone infection, the bite, or airway problems,” Dr. McClure writes on his website.

Summit features one of Washington DC’s leading biological dentists

At this year’s summit, Dr. McClure will focus on Integrative Medical Dentistry and treating the neuro-immune system.
“Our kids are being overwhelmed with autism and all kinds of other brain and neurological problems,” says Dr. McClure. “Back when I was growing up, in the 1950s, you never even heard of autism. And, now, 1 in 35 of our babies born, by age 2, has autism.”

Dr. McClure is a big believer in the harm chronic exposure to toxic chemicals can have. “I think we have a major problem in the modern [toxic] world that we live in,” he said.

How the mainstream media is keeping you in the dark about alternative dental therapies

“Fluoride is a total farce. Fluoride was invented by, first, the nuclear industry when they poisoned a lot of cows in Nevada. And, then the aluminum industry decided that instead of making fluoride a poison, they made it vitamin F and put it into our water supply.”

“Integrative medicine combines conventional medicine with function medicine. So that conventionally we look at pathology and on the functional side – we look at the reason for a particular health problem.”

“The worse thing going on is that so many people say ‘why don’t I know about all these therapies?’ And that’s because the media won’t touch this information because Monsanto and the pharmaceutical industry pay for all those media outlets like, NBC, CBS, ABC and all other news agencies.”

Just one uneducated visit to your dentist can have devastating effects on your health! Stay in the loop about important information on this vital health issue and sign up for FREE today!


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