Dr. Gary Larsen warns about the risks of root canals and offers solutions at the FREE Holistic Oral Health Summit

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Dr. Gary Larsen graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry with an award in implantology and has been providing mercury-free family and implant dentistry for over 17 years. He is an industry leader in the safe removal of toxic dental materials and in the assessment of dental materials’ neurotoxicity. He has helped develop a minimally invasive dental implant technique that typically allows him to replace a non-savable/problematic tooth in a single appointment (including the extraction of the tooth at the same appointment), followed by a simple crown placement appointment four months later.

Dr. Larsen will be presenting at this year’s Holistic Oral Health Summit. His topic, “Dental Implant News: Warnings and  Solutions,” will cover the following points:

  • Why you must be concerned about root canal procedures
  • Avoiding chronic health conditions before your next dental visit?
  • How others have recovered from serious health issues

The Holistic Oral Health Summit, which runs from September 28 through October 5, will feature 34 of the world’s leading experts on the important link between oral health and whole body health. Oral health is directly correlated with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. Sign up for FREE today and get access to the entire archive, where you can view  the presentations at your convenience.

Does your mouth need a hazmat crew?

Regarding root canal therapy, Dr. Larson explains that a healthy tooth “has a circulation system inside of it to keep the tooth healthy. But, when they do a root canal, they go down the middle of the tooth and they put this rubber material into the middle of the tooth and they fill it and they consider that taking care of the problem – because that takes away the nerve part of the tooth. But, when you take a healthy tooth and pull out the nerve (amputate the nerve) – the concern is that the rest of the porous tooth structure can fill with bacteria or with mold and that’s our big concern with a dead tooth, that [it’s] lost its circulation.”

His explanation is summarized with a useful metaphor: “Now, if this were a house and you had mold or bacteria growing because of moisture or something was leaking, what do they do if you have a mold problem? Well, they go in with a hazmat crew and they remove the toxic mold in that area. But, what if you have this going on inside your body and every time you bit up and down the concern is you’d be pumping toxins and/or bacteria into your bloodstream.”

Dr. Larsen and his staff believe that health is a precious gift. Therefore, careful research and thought is given to all the procedures, techniques, dental materials and dental implant systems that are utilized to ensure biocompatibility and safety. In order to ensure that these goals are obtained, Dr. Larsen’s office has its own in-house dental laboratory to control all aspects of restoration fabrication, as well as to provide the convenience of same-day crowns/restorations along with minimally invasive metal-free dental implants to replace missing teeth, while being able to provide safe relaxing oral sedation if needed.

Dr. Larsen’s office is mercury-free and provides safe mercury (amalgam) filling removal in exclusive negative-pressure suites, along with special protocols for patients’ health and safety. His patients are told the advantages and disadvantages of each dental material during their dental consultation, allowing them to make an educated decision as to what type of material is best for their particular situation.

To see the full Holistic Oral Health Summit schedule, click on this link now.



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