Natural News launches ‘miracle’ Ozone Dentistry product for gum care: O3 Essentials OraJuvenate

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Today I’m ecstatic about being able to bring you exciting new holistic solutions for health, and today we’ve got something amazing for you in the realm of holistic dentistry and gum care: O3 Essentials (

Over the past few months, we’ve been working to bring you this extraordinary product offering that very few people have even heard of: Organic jojoba infused with ozone (O3). You’ve probably already heard about “ozone therapy,” or you might even have a swimming pool that uses an ozonator to kill bacteria and purify the pool water. But have you ever thought about the benefits of infusing ozone into jojoba oil and using it on your teeth or gums?

Natural News has just launched a full line of ozone-infused jojoba products, all unscented and completely free of emulsifiers, additives or synthetic chemicals of any kind. Called O3 Essentials, the line includes OraJuvenate for gum care, plus all the following ozone-infused skin care products: Oxy-Vital Facial Cream, Oxy-Rich Facial Serum, Oxygen-Infused Body Oil.

See the dental (gum care) at:…

…and the skin care products at:….

Learn about the “miracle” of Ozone Dentistry

OraJuvenate is made by generating ozone with a coronal discharge mechanism, then infusing or “trapping” the ozone inside the organic esters of jojoba. The jojoba “stabilizes” the ozone, capturing it and concentrating it into a form that can be easily applied to your gums or skin.

OraJuvenate offers amazing benefits for gum health. Simply massage it along your gum line, using a finger, right before you go to bed each night. The ozonated Jojoba works while you sleep. Many people also apply ozone directly to problem areas of their teeth.

As it turns out, there’s an exciting new field of dentistry called ozone dentistry. This involves nothing more than squirting ozonated water onto cavities using an FDA-approved dental device. This ozone kills the bacteria in the cavity and in many cases avoids the usual drilling and filling of cavities altogether, say dentists.

Check out this local ABC News story from Fresno, California, which says:

A Fresno dentist is taking the pain out of cavity treatment, with a process that uses air and water. The technique drastically reduces the need for drilling and filling. Some of patients find it hard to believe, until they see the results. Dr. William Netzley is using a pain-free technique called Ozone Dentistry with specially treated air and water that even he admits sounds too good to be true.

“It’s far-fetched, yes,” said Dr. Netzley. “No drilling, no filling, no pain, no nothing.”

The FDA approved machine creates the materials, Dr. Netzley says, help the body, heal itself. When the ozone is applied to a cavity, Dr. Netzley says, it completely sterilizes the tooth, reverses the cavity. Process and “turns on” the natural reaction in the mouth to start making the tooth, healthy again.

Dr. Netzley said, “It helps the tooth re-mineralize itself and thus heal itself and according to the claims and research, prevents the tooth from ever getting a cavity again.”

The benefits of ozone for oral health are just now being discovered

Now, just to be clear, ozone dentistry uses a device that’s not exactly the same as ozonated jojoba oil, but they both are based on the therapeutic benefits of O3 — ozone — a truly “miracle” substance with a multitude of uses for health and healing.

I also want to be clear that our OraJuvenate is not an FDA approved medical device, nor a drug, nor anything that we can claim “treats” cavities or gum disease. As you know, the FDA simply won’t allow any health claims for any natural substance. Only “drugs” are allowed to make such claims, and Jojoba + Ozone is not a drug. It’s a combination of two natural substances that occur in nature. We’ve just combined them in a unique, friendly format.

And honestly, even I don’t know all the potential uses and health benefits of this product, which is why I encourage you to try it yourself and see the difference it makes. Right now, I’m using OraJuvenate on my gums and teeth. I’m just rubbing it in each night and sleeping with it.

The taste is just slightly weird, but not a big deal. We intentionally decided NOT to add any flavors to this product because that complicates things and not everybody likes the taste of mint, cherry or “bubble gum” as you usually find in oral care products. So it does taste slightly strange, but the difference you’ll feel in your gums and teeth is well worth it!

And what I really recommend, by the way, is using OraJuvenate on a Sonicare toothbrush, right along the gumline. This massages ozone infused jojoba oil right into your gums where they meet your teeth. That’s where most of the plaque forms on your teeth, and it’s where bacteria do a lot of damage, causing gums to swell and eventually get diagnosed as “gingivitis” by your dentist. By massaging ozone-infused jojoba right into your gums with a Sonicare toothbrush (or any vibrating toothbrush), you can deliver ozone right where it can be the most helpful for your overall oral health.

By the way, it’s perfectly safe to use this in your mouth and even inadvertently swallow a small amount of it like you might do with toothpaste, but don’t use this internally — don’t EAT it, in other words. Jojoba is not an oil, it’s an ester, and it’s not a food or a supplement. The product isn’t labeled for internal use and in fact, I can’t think of any rational reason why anyone would want to eat it, so just use it topically, on your gums and teeth. Obviously, don’t get it in your eyes, either.

Dentists are starting to recommend ozone-infused oils

Getting back to the ABC News story, dentists across the country are also using ozonated oils to enhance dental care and gum care for their patients:

Dr. Netzley says ozone eliminates the need for harsh chemicals to sterilize the treated tooth … and the gas can be added to other materials to treat a variety of dental related problems. What’s in this little jar could be considered a medical miracle worker. It’s ozonated olive oil … which becomes a type of balm. Dr. Netzley gives it to his patients to treat irritations or sores in the mouth … some even brush their teeth with it and their symptoms disappear.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Ozonated olive oil has been around for several years, and I think Global Healing Center even carries it. We decided to use ozonated organic jojoba for a couple of reasons:

1) Organic Jojoba is amazing on the skin. Most people would agree putting jojoba on their skin achieved better results than olive oil.

2) Jojoba doesn’t go rancid! It’s not an oil, so it doesn’t “spoil,” so to speak. In fact, ozonated jojoba is so shelf stable that it’s actually a top-notch storable preparedness item that I recommend adding to your emergency medicine or first aid kit. It will be good for years to come.

3) Jojoba is sustainably produced in the Americas. Most of it comes from Mexico, where the jojoba plant grows in dry, arid environments. The seeds are pressed for the “oils” which actually aren’t oils, but esters — a special class of organic compounds.

The future of holistic dentistry?

I believe ozone will play a key role in the future of not just holistic dentistry, but all dentistry. If ozone delivered to cavities via an FDA-approved medical device can eliminate the need to drill and fill cavities, then it can also prevent thousands of tons of mercury from being introduced into people’s bodies each year.

It can help people avoid the pain and suffering of drilling (which nobody enjoys), and it can also allow dentistry to be performed in a more pleasing way. This encourages repeat visit from patients and reduces the “fear factor” of modern dentistry. After all, ozone dentistry uses a device that never penetrates the gums or the teeth. It’s simply ozone being sprayed onto the problem area, then letting the miracle of healing chemistry do the rest.

In fact, I believe that dentists across the country will start recommending ozone-infused oils to their patients as a supportive “home” solution to help augment the ozone therapy they provide at their dental offices. It’s a powerful one-two punch: Do the ozone treatment at the dental office, then follow it up with daily use of ozonated jojoba on your gums each night.

Dental offices that are interested in purchasing OraJuvenate in volume can contact us at

How to get OraJuvenate right now

OraJuvenate is available right now from the Natural News Store at:…

Shipping is free on all orders of $99 or more (48 states). We’ve also just put in place affordable international shipping to Canada, Mexico, Australia and the UK, using a global “track and trace” shipping method that’s trackable plus affordable!

We also have OraJuvenate samples available in 0.25 oz. This is a low-cost way to try the product yourself. It’s also a great travel size.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your gum health and oral health, I believe you’ll find OraJuvenate to be a breakthrough product.

Ozone is one of the key advancements in the future of dentistry. You can experience it yourself right now with OraJuvenate.

Ozone-infused jojoba for skin care

We’ve also just launched an entire line of ozone-infused skin care products, which deliver ozone to your skin via organic jojoba oil.

Learn more about ozone therapy and jojoba at

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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